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The age of billboards is now the passive marketing approach, whereas streaming a live event and getting your audience to interact with a brand is more powerful with digital marketing. When I look for a marketing strategy, I weigh the benefits of cost and reach and customer lifespan.

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Public Relations

Social media is one of the largest channels for businesses. Over the past several years, I have developed principles and systems to find ways to communicate, innovate and ochestrate marketing phases. Social media also increases the attractiveness of the company perceiveced by customers, employees and vendors. Given my background of technology, I can utilize the emerging tools and give a professional look on new campaigns.

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Planning & Organization

Planning with realistic expectations is one of the most essential parts of hosting an event with a busy schedule. With handling events, I believe the importance of contacting media and guests to anticipate the event. Prioritizing, communicating, and achieving goals are all part of event planning and presentations skills shown in the projects.

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Joe Waldron

Rochester Institute of Technology, Computer Science, '16

  • Software engineer and developer
  • Works with international professionals and peers in a technical field.
  • Enjoys working on team projects in software
  • Leader with product development, learning, and coding applications
  • Hobbyist of painting, blogging, bicycling and travel photography
  • Specializes in data management and data analytics

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