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What is Unhinged Titan?

Unhinged Titan! is an explosive media and design company bent on making your voice get heard. It's the way people use our technology that will shape the future of your digital footprint. Our design team makes scuba and flexible full body suits, wall art, and experiences. Unhinged Titan Toolkit is a one-fit-all solution that is used to enhance posts that can be shared directly to social media, and will get instant results on your brand's rank per channel. And when you're done you can easily share your result with all of your friends and the rest of the world through our peer to peer help system.

Our platform has been used for a couple months by our design, marketing, and developer teams. We have seen tremendous results in target. Now looking to 3 beta testers a week sign up that are experts in photography, award-winning artists, and more. Send inquiry to SIGN UP FOR THE BETA to make sure you get the best quality product ever created from New York. We are continuously improving the store with new features each month – this is just the beginning.

Unhinged trailer

Watch our latest video below to learn how our product works.






Our products in action

Examples of how and where you can use Unhinged Designs.


Enhance your home

Easily enhance your walls with life size artwork, pillows, mugs, or even apparel with current collections.


Also made for video

With Unhinged Apps you get dedicated pieces that are timeless in style and originality.


Share on Instagram

You can easily share your art with your friends and the rest of the world on Instragram.


Works on all devices

Cameo works on all platforms and all devices no matter the size of your screen.


Choose your plan



Perfect if you only like to visit museums.

  • Enhance your photos and videos
  • Share on Instagram


$1.99 / month

Perfect if you're a semi-pro art-collector.

  • Enhance your photos and videos
  • Share on Instagram
  • Advanced settings


$4.99 / month

Perfect if you're a pro art-collector.

  • Enhance your photos and videos
  • Share on Instagram
  • Advanced settings
  • Cloud storage


This is the best camera app I have ever tried. I highly recommend Cameo!

Marc Johnson

I have never been able to take pictures in the darkness with good results before. Now I can with Cameo and I am so happy about that.

Hanna Eastwood

I have tried many different camera apps on the market, but with Cameo I am able to use the editing tools, filters and effects that I want in a creative and easy way.

Anna Foster

I use the cloud storage feature of Cameo to have a backup of all my photos and videos. I find that feature incredibly valuable.

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